Fox Hounds by Lia Connor

Ruff & Tumble, Book 1

Changeling Press

Paranormal F/M/M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60521-197-8

Reviewed by Lisa



Thieves by trade, shape shifters by nature it is time for the three men to add a female to their pack.  Content with their dual nature of dogs and men, Jonas, Si and Boone have decided to invite a sexy lady fox named Reyna to join them.  Reyna is a master thief in her own right so the fit is perfect.  Now itís just a matter of locating the lovely fox and getting her to agree to add her skills to their pack.  Partners in business and a hot quartet in bed would be perfect.

Light hearted and very steamy, Fox Hounds is a reading pleasure.  Fox Hounds is also a fast paced, very sexy bout of fun.  Talented author Lia Connor adds to her list of tales with this entertaining story of mental and sexual one-upmanship.  Fox Hounds is hot enjoyment!


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