Fallen Angel by Sherrill Quinn

Sassy Devils, Book 2

Ellora’s Cave


ISBN: 9781419919664

Reviewed by Jo



Talon is an Angel of Retribution who was sent to capture the leader of the Brotherhood of the Red Claw.  This is going to be personal and possibly painful for Talon, but he wants to be the Angel sent for this job—to either return with him or to pronounce judgment and kill him immediately.  Raegan Stark is a human homicide detective who believes in what she can see and test.  Right now she is on the hunt for a serial killer.  Raegan is going to have to put away her disbelief when she comes face to face with a super sexy Angel with red wings at a crime scene.  Talon has to overcome his attraction to Raegan in order to save her when the same person he was sent to find kidnaps her.  Both will have to believe in the impossible in order to defeat the Brotherhood and maybe, just maybe, find a way to have a life together.

Fallen Angel has one feisty homicide detective and one rule breaking Angel thrown together against a madman.  Talon is on a hunt to either bring in the leader of Red Claw or kill him.  Raegan is hoping to find her serial killer before he takes another life.  The night they meet changes both their lives for good.  Angels and humans are not supposed to come together but sometimes rules are meant to be broken.  While I could see that Talon and Raegan had an attraction between them, I found the pace to be rushed from their first meeting to the end.  I just did not feel that they were emotionally together by their happily-ever-after.   However, that is my only complaint.  I enjoyed the suspense and especially the final battle.  Fallen Angel is a true fight between good and evil that can fill up a free afternoon.


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