Eight Days Ablaze by Angelia Sparrow

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Futuristic

ISBN: 9781419918520

Reviewed by Shayna



Adina barJonas is a successful junior partner at her firm.  The problem is, Adina has devoted so much of her life to work, she has no personal life to speak of.  But when Hanukkah time rolls around, Adina’s in for a few surprises.  Her father sends her a VirtualClone, a machine designed to give its user a “totally integrated sensory experience.”  With this toy, Adina’s able to not only meet some of her favorite historical and literary figures, but indulge in some deliciously wicked erotic encounters.  What Adina doesn’t know is that her father and uncle have made some slight alterations to the VirtualClone which will change Adina’s life forever.

Eight Days Ablaze is perhaps one of the most interesting, unusual stories I’ve read in a long time.  Angelia Sparrow definitely kept me on my on my toes, weaving in twists and turns I never expected and tying everything together to deliver a satisfying, unique read.

The story is essentially Adina’s.  There is a character who could, I suppose, be deemed the “hero,” but he plays a very small role.  While this is rather unusual (I believe) in a romance, for Eight Days Ablaze it works and it does so because of Adina’s innate likeability and the ease with which I was able to relate to her.  Though set in the year 2045, Adina is the modern working woman, with all the struggles that go into that, giving the story a contemporary feel even with the improved gadgetry of the future.  Her father, the other primary character in the story, is a rather unusual father-figure, being a high-end sex worker and thief, but I found him incredibly interesting, if overly manipulative.

I’m afraid not much can be said about Eight Days Ablaze without giving away key elements of the plot.  What I can say is that the sex scenes were scorchingly hot, the heroine smart, strong, and appealing, and the plot full of surprises.  I’ll admit I picked up this book because I wanted to read a Hanukkah story, but Ms. Sparrow gifted me with so much for.  Eight Days Ablaze was a charmingly different tale that kept me engaged from start to finish and is a holiday story that will be on my mind all year ‘round.


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