Down and Dirty by Desiree Holt


Contemporary Ménage à trois

ISBN: 978-1-906811-32-7

Reviewed by Ley



Having the best sex in her entire life was not what Krista North was expecting when she allowed her friend to drag her to a barbeque at the home of the very wealthy and very sexy cowboy, Clint Brody. Clint could have anyone he wanted and what he wanted was the sexy woman he saw standing in his home.  Clint could tell Krista was a woman full of sexual hunger and he and his friend Kenny were more than willing to feed that hunger.

The title says it all, Down and Dirty was indeed down and dirty. Krista and Clint were a sizzling hot couple. Kenny was a good character too, but truthfully he was not needed to fuel the flames of the fire between Clint and Krista.  Things heated up very quickly between Krista and Clint, and I think they will keep those flames going for a very long time.  Readers looking for an entertaining and sexually erotic story will enjoy Down and Dirty.


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