Dangerous Obsessions by Blake Deveraux

Men of Danger, Book 1

Red Rose Publishing

Contemporary M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60435-280-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Tired of living a lie, Daniel Deveraux resigned his commission in the Marine Corps. and made a new life for himself in Atlanta.  Slowly, Daniel has come to terms with the ghosts of his past and for the most part everything is good, only his love life is still at loose ends.

Neither wealth nor privilege protected Brandon Matthews from pain and abuse as he grew to manhood.  At the moment Brandon splits his time between two jobs, carpenter by day and waiter in a gay bar most evenings.

A chance meeting between Daniel and Brandon one night sets events in motion that neither man will ever forget.  Through turmoil, violence and trust issues to pride, fulfillment and love these men run the gamut on their journey of self discovery for themselves and as a couple.  The important question is whether they will end up together or if they will want to when all is said and done.

Dangerous Obsessions tells the tale of two men who both have reason to distrust, even hate the world at times.  One was forced to give up a career he enjoyed and the other lives with a soul so broken it’s a wonder he can function at all.  Written by a male author, readers experience Dangerous Obsessions from a unique perspective although I found some of the ‘lovemaking’ phrases less than positive or sexy.  Also, these characters are subjected to a multitude of hard obstacles including forced sex, strong BDSM and some torture.  Dangerous Obsessions gives us an M/M romance from another angle but the readers will primarily be female and this is definitely not for the faint of heart.


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