Complications by Kis Lee

Liquid Silver Books

Menage a Trois Contemporary

ISBN: 1-59578-301-6

Reviewed by Ley



Aside from her best friend and business partner Jeremy, there wasn’t much in Skye Kim’s life that really made her happy.  Her relationship with her ‘non-boyfriend’, Sean wasn’t very fulfilling and neither was her career as a P.I., at least not until a new case brought Andy Chang into her life.  When Sean discovers Skye’s attraction to Andy he convinces her to invite him into their bed.

With Sean and Andy, Skye’s sexual fantasies come true, but the reality of this new relationship may be too complicated for her to handle.

Complications was a very good story. Skye’s life goes from simple to complex in a blink of an eye. Kis Lee did a great job with the characters in this story; I especially love the relationship between Skye and Jeremy. I liked their camaraderie and banter with one another. I think if Skye didn’t have Jeremy to confide in she would have lost her mind. Complications is a well thought out story with great characters and an ending I was very happy with.


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