City of the Damned by Marie Treanor

Changeling Press


ISBN: 978-1-60521-125-1

Reviewed by Lisa



“Loving the Wolf”

Lara travels north from the relative safety of the Dome City toward unknown people and a harsh landscape searching for her younger brother Jack.  Nuclear war has spawned different mutations in some humans including lupi.  One lupi in particular fascinates Lara and the feeling is mutual. Will can’t seem to get this one human female out of his head long enough to rejoin the pack and reclaim his title as leader of the lupi. When Will admits to Lara that he knows where Jack is the two use the search as the reason to stay together because neither is willing to admit to growing desires.


“Loving the Vampire”

April can’t believe that Jack followed her north after she dumped him.  It’s ironic that she’s now helping her first ex-lover Will and his mate Lara, Jack’s sister to get a human and lupi Council started in this godforsaken place.  The only people who don’t want things to get better are the vampires but then they thrive on chaos. The two species are supposed to hate each other but once April meets Max, all bets are off.  They can pretend to hate each other all they want but magic happens between them and there’s no going back for April and Max.


“Loving the Human”

Katia has been a vampire since the world went to hell; all that’s left is cynicism and a weary boredom.  She feels that nothing can interest her these days but then she meets David, the lupi leader’s human brother.  David is a loner as well and feels he’s found a kindred soul in Katia whether she believes it or not.  Maybe Will’s newly formed Council and their plans for the future means that a human and a vampire have a chance together. Of course, convincing Katia may prove more difficult than getting all the groups working together but David knows in his heart that this challenge of a lifetime is worth any price.

Wildly imaginative and wholly entertaining, City of the Damned is sure to please.  Three smaller stories all written by talented author Marie Treanor blend and mix together into one sure fire indulgence with characters strutting their stuff throughout the collection.  Readers do need to accept that coincidences fall over each other as far as family relationships are explained but it makes the stories flow into each other comfortably.  City of the Damned) is creative science fiction with a strong emphasis on great characters, carnal encounters and an enjoyable plotline.  City of the Damned is a fun, guilty pleasure!


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