Cat Toy by Illian Obsidian

Torquere Press

Futuristic M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60370-375-8

Reviewed by Lisa



He finds himself surviving in a small shuttle somewhere in an unknown jungle.  To make matters worse he doesn’t have a clue who he is.  Where is he from?  More importantly, how did he get there – where ever ‘there’ is?

Leader of his people, Tyrl is fearless, highly intelligent and extremely dominant.  Tyrl is also alone.  He doesn’t have a personal slave to call his own.  It is common practice to have a personal slave but Tyrl hasn’t found that special someone to suit his needs or his desires.

The human male is caught and becomes the property of Tyrl.  He is named Yai by his master as he is still unable to remember anything.  The pair work through mistakes, illness and misunderstandings before they are able to even begin bonding.  There is much more to come before they are truly a couple.

Cat Toy is a sexy, original delight.  There is an M/s sensual blanket that just oozes passion throughout Cat Toy.  Author Illian Obsidian treats readers to a unique and fascinating world with a strong Dominant lead in Tyrl.  For myself, Yai is a bit too wimpy at times but he does make a good Submissive for his master.  Cat Toy is imaginative entertainment readers will certainly enjoy!


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