Cat’s Claw by Jude Mason



ISBN: 1-59426-770-7

Reviewed by Willow



Morgan Field has made her way to a secluded cabin to bring bad news to Joshua Lansing. This is the last place she wants to be, but she gave her word to her longtime friend and Joshua’s father. She’d also been set up. Joshua’s father knew what she is and made her executor of his will just so she would have to deliver the news of his death to Joshua.

Joshua chose an isolated (meaning no phone, no electricity, no water) place to live so that he could let his wild side run free. He is just the shifter to help Morgan come to terms with her own wild side. Joshua has been dreaming of her for years and now is his chance to make it all real. And now he has someone by his side as he teaches a poacher a lesson he will never forget.

Morgan is delighted to be by his side, too. She finally feels she’s home.

I love isolated settings and Cat’s Claw gives me one. Between the isolated cabin in the woods and the hot sex, I really enjoyed Cat’s Claw. Joshua and Morgan are perfect for one another. They have a definite happily ever after. Ms Mason has done it again. Excellent read for an afternoon alone.


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