Catherine’s Awakening by Joanna Wylde

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Historical

ISBN: 9781419919596

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Catherine Masters is finally out of mourning.  When her husband died a year ago, Catherine decided that no man would ever have control over her again.  Not even Wade, the brother-in-law that she has secretly wanted since she was a young girl.  When she has a chance to become a school teacher and move out on her own, Catherine jumps at the chance.  Wade is anything but happy with her decision.  He wants Catherine for his very own and it is high time she awakened to the fact that she is his.

As a reader, I knew that Wade was supposed to be a powerful and dominant character – and he was.  But there was just something about his personality that I never liked.  To me, he never really listened to Catherine.  She had hopes and dreams and it seemed as if Wade just ignored them and tried to placate her.  More than once he came across as a bully and that just made me mad.  Catherine’s characterization was a combination of siren and innocent.  She loved Wade but she wanted to experience life. I can’t say I blamed her.

My dislike of Wade aside, Catherine’s Awakening was well written and intense at times. The love scenes were scorching hot and naughty.  I just couldn’t get past wanting to smack Wade in the face for being a lug-head.


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