Breaking the Silence by Katie Allen

Ellora’s Cave

Erotic Contemporary

ISBN: 9781419919534

Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Jenny Fitzgerald is lonely.  With only her dog for company at home, she goes on walks and that is the highlight of her day other than turning down an icky coworker who wants to date her.  Her best friend is gay – so no romantic help there.  Down in the dumps but unwilling to give in and go out with Evan, aka “Mr. Icky”, Jenny’s life takes a one hundred and eighty degree turn when she is walking her dog and runs into the epitome of a Greek god – a man named William Jackson.  Silent but extremely hot, he is exactly what Jenny needs in her life.  The more Jenny spends time with Will, the more she falls in love with him.  Their idyllic existence comes to a screeching halt with one act of violence against Jenny.  Once she is healed, will they be able to come to grips with their feelings for each other? Will they still be able to love?  Those are the questions that Jenny is too afraid to ask.

I adored every single word of Breaking the Silence.  It is an original, that’s for sure.  Both characters carried scars; Will most of all.  Very quiet and shy, he did not even know how to talk to a woman, or so he thought. I found his ability to speak through touch without saying a word totally hot and extremely sexy.  Jenny is quirky and funny but had not been lucky in love.  Well, I am here to let her know that with Will Jackson, she hit the jackpot.  Their attraction to each other was instantaneous.  I watched enthralled as each character fell in love with the other.

Breaking the Silence was blazingly hot and boldly passionate.  On the edge of my seat I happily watched two lost souls fall in love with each other and I, in turn, fell in love with their story.  Don’t miss Breaking the Silence.  It is terrific!


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