Blood Pool by B. Ella Donna

Samhain Publishing


ISBN: 978-1-60504-382-1

Reviewed by Lisa



Mirabelle Cove is home to humans and a vast variety of magickal beings living in relative harmony.  Blood Pool is the popular pub/bar hangout where everyone comes from time to time to ferret out the latest news or gossip.  Solaris owns the place and her best friend is Raven, a very special lady.

The Chief medical examiner for the magickal community is Raven Strigoi who considers herself a half-breed.  Ravenís mother died long ago, she was psychic among other things but her father is very much alive and has been for hundreds of years.  Tobias is one of the oldest vampires from the Lamai clan.  Ravenís longtime lover is Bo Wasaki, a wolf shape shifter.  They have been lovers for more than ten years but minor roadblocks have kept them from making a permanent commitment.

Something evil is happening on the island, people are being turned which is not allowed while others are dying.  Ravenís world is being rocked apart when she learns that major secrets have been kept from her regarding her dead mother.  But, when Boís life is threatened the gloves come off.  Nothing will stop Raven from protecting the man she loves.  They thought they had all the time in the world to be married, maybe time has run out.

Blood Pool is an electrifying, suspense filled, and passionate romantic tale.  There are twists and turns, surprises and moments of poignant tenderness found in the pages of Blood Pool.  Author B. Ella Donna fills the story with a large cast of characters yet manages to keep Raven, Bo and other primary characters firmly in the front but doesnít loose site of the rest. It was only the DNA and genome info that confused me, it is important to the story but a little less info would have worked as well for me.  Blood Pool is so good you will want to finish it in one sitting.  If you want something entertaining and enjoyable look no further than Blood Pool!


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