Blood Lust by Stephani Hecht

The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 1

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ISBN: 978-1-55487-159-9

Reviewed by Shayna



Kane Toren and his brothers Dante and Rafe were once the most elite soldiers of the vampire world.  After a brutal attack one night left a human family dead, the Toren brothers were unjustly imprisoned and suffered torture for ten years.  Now free and forced to take on humiliating assignments in order to survive, Kaneís first and only priority is his family until Toni shows up at his door.

Toni is a Drone, a human turned into a vampire, rather than born one, as Kane was.  A former assassin for an evil vampire, Toni has escaped and is now part of a rebel Drone clan dedicated to bringing down the Vampire Regulation Force which has been repressing, and possibly eliminating Drones.  To succeed in their mission, Toni knows they need help and the Toren brothers are just the kind of help they need.

Despite his reluctance, Kane finds he cannot refuse Toniís call for help.  Whatís more, neither Kane nor Toni can resist the powerful attraction between them.  Yet, even as the two become lovers, danger explodes around them.  With the threats of both the past and the present haunting them, will Kane and Toni survive long enough for lust to become love?

A case of blood lust has never been so sexy as it is in Stephani Hechtís sensational new series.  Blood Lust has all the sensuality, originality, action, and humor Iíve come to expect from Ms. Hechtís work.  Blood Lust puts a whole new spin on the vampire mythos and I couldnít have been more fascinated.  I found the concept having both born and created vampires interesting and was engaged by Toniís clanís rebellion.  The magical world Ms. Hecht has created within our own is filled not only with vampires, but werewolves and witches.  There are many new characters to meet, and I was intrigued by many of them, but even with a large cast and a whole world to introduce, Ms. Hecht keeps the story centered by having the romance, and therefore Kane and Toni, at the heart of it.

I absolutely loved Blood Lust.  Itís a gripping, meltingly sexy first addition to what promises to be a phenomenal series by the supremely talented Ms. Hecht.  I just loved this book. I fell in love with not only Kane and Toni, but their friends and family.  I finished Blood Lust feeling fully satisfied but incredibly eager for Ms. Hechtís next Drone Vampire Chronicles tale.


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