Black Dragonís Moon by Anita Philmar

Black Dragon, Book 2

Wild Rose Press

Erotic, Fantasy

ISBN: 1-60154-485-5

Reviewed by Jo



Dee Butterfield has worked hard to become an agent with Dragon Center and is finally on her first assignment.  She has to protect a sculptor, who just happens to be her bossís brother.  Dee never expected his dragonís blood to tempt her so much and distract her from the mission.  But what is a dragon to do when the blood calls but enter into a scorching affair.

Scott VanHorn has agreed to enter into a sting so he can find out who killed one of his friends and is copying his work.  Scott actually asked to have Dee as his protector, but not because he thinks that he will actually need any protection.  Scott has wanted Dee since he first saw her and hopes this will bring them together.

Scott wants Dee as his wife and mother of his children.  Dee wants marriage and kids eventually but not now, when she has finally achieved her dream job.  The affair between them starts off with each of them wanting something different so when circumstances change, how can Scott and Dee find their way to a solution they can both live with?  And of course there is that pesky mission they are involved with that has an element of danger for both of them.

Two stubborn and determined dragons do intimate battle in Black Dragonís Moon.  Dee has finally achieved her dream job and plans on keeping it for a good long time.  Scott finally has Dee, but not as he wants her.  Just what is it going to take to convince her to marry him?  I could feel for Dee not wanting to just give up the job she worked so hard to get but I could also understand where Scott was coming from.  Watching them realize it was more than passion and then work through to a compromise kept me turning the page.  I was not ready for the book to be over when the pages ended as both Dee and Scott had caught me.  Black Dragonís Moon is dragonlicious with eroticism and danger to keep it spicy.

If you are wondering about how William and Amber got together, you will want to check out the first book in this series: Black Dragonís Blood.  I will be watching for the next book in this series as the taste of the future given has me intrigued.


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