Biker Chic by Devyn Quinn

Whispers Publishing

Erotic Romance

Reviewed by Willow



Melanie Brooks thought her marriage was adequate. Her plastic surgeon husband, Phil, doesn’t think so. He’s leaving her for a twenty one year old former patient. She is devastated until Phil decides to take what he has no right to any more. Melanie gets even. The threat of sexual assault charges gets her half of everything she didn’t know Phil had.

With her new wealth and independence, Melanie takes a friend’s advice. The house that is now hers is too big for one person so she decides to get away for a few days. Phil had always planned their vacations to the tiniest detail. Time to relish in her new freedom.

On her way across the desert to visit Carlsbad Caverns, Melanie’s car overheats right in the middle of nowhere. She’s stranded until a blond, built, tattooed biker named Jake comes to her rescue. Not her usual type of guy but her body doesn’t seem to care. The attraction is almost immediate.

The relationship between Melanie and Jake sizzles in the heat of the desert. Biker Chic gives us a knight in shining armor and a damsel in distress for him rescue. The perfect bedtime story. Ms Quinn is talented and knows just where to take her readers. Makes me want to go in search of a biker of my own.


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