Between Two Lovers by Carol Lynne


Ménage à trois/ MMF/Interracial

ISBN: 978-1-906811-13-6

Reviewed by Ley



Morgan “Mojo” and his partner Jasper are committed to each but they do play now and then.  Everyone once and a while they allow a woman into their bed, and when April walked into Club Maverick where Mojo was bartending he wanted her instantly but he knew she would be more than a one night stand for him and Jasper.

When April accompanied her friend to Club Maverick for moral support, she never expected to catch the eye of someone like Mojo. When Mojo let her know how much he was interested in her she could barely believe it especially after he informed her he was in a relationship and his partner would love her just as much as he did. April couldn’t help jumping head first into a relationship with Mojo and Jasper even though she feared they may realize she didn’t belong in their relationship.

Between Two Lovers wasn’t the follow-up to Joey’s First Time that I was anticipating. The storyline was rushed and the connection I original felt between Mojo and April at the end of Joey’s First Time was lost in Between Two Lovers.  I really had difficulty connecting to this story altogether.  I didn’t think certain resolutions of situations within the story were handled well and the overall flow of the story was off putting.  I think perhaps if the story was longer the author would have had the freedom to delve a bit deeper into certain plots of the story and deliver a better outcome. Although Between Two Lovers is a sequel to Joey’s First Time, it can definitely be read as a standalone.


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