Being Wicked by Lacy Danes

Aphrodisia Books

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2059-2

Historical Erotica

Reviewed by Ley



Not willing to believe what is being said about her brother Lily devises a plan to find out for herself whatís going on in her brotherís life.  Stowing away in her brotherís carriage as he leaves for the evening she finds herself at the Cyprian Ball, a ball unlike any she has ever known.  There she loses her brother and encounter societyís foremost womanizing rake Vincent St. Jerome.

Grace was on the opposite end of the spectrum from Lily.  Grace was a widow whoís husband took pleasure in watching her have sex with other men, but even with her experience, Grace was nervous about attending an affair such as this for the first time without her husband. When she encountered Winston, her brotherís best friend since childhood, sheís drawn to him and knows heís the dominant her submissive side craves.

This is a hot and tantalizingly sexy story of two women exploring within themselves and reaching out for what they want. Lily and Grace were on different levels when it came to their sexual experiences but both women were willing to explore the yearnings inside them that some would deem very unlady like.  I really enjoyed Grace and Winstonís story because even though Grace was once married she never felt what Winston made her feel.  I also love that he was the man she always wanted and it was as if her life was coming full circle. Being Wicked was packed with great characters that were very easy to care about and a storyline that was a lot of fun to read.  Being Wicked was a great way to spend a couple of hours.



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