Bee Among the Clover by Fae Sutherland & Marguerite Labbe

Tease Publishing

Historical M/M

ISBN: 978-1-60767-008-7

Reviewed by Lisa



In the 5th Century, Britain is a harsh country with thanes controlling their own small piece of the land while smartly surrounded by their warriors.  Meanwhile, backbreaking work is done by free men or thralls, still free but obligated to their thane for set time periods and slaves, owned forever.

One such thane is Wulfgar, cousin to a king who lives in the northern lands.  Wulfgar owns a large tract of land and controls many lives including the young man he snatched from property near Londinium about four years ago.  Roman was born free, the son of wealthy parents but unfortunately for him he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Wulfgar has no intention of ever giving up his handsome bed partner.

While visiting a farmstead over missing payments Wulfgar, his men and Roman who is along to record transactions meet the manager’s son named Aron, a comely, well meaning hot head.  Shrewd thinking and guile put Aron in Wulfgar’s bed by day’s end, no longer free he is a thrall for the term of one year.  Lives will be changed irrevocably once Aron joins the household, especially for the slave Roman.  No one could have foreseen the events that follow for the three men. There lives will never be the same.

Bee Among the Clover is sure to tug your heart strings in the best possible way!  Readers of Bee Among the Clover are presented with a tale full of adventure, loads of sensual encounters and the possibility of true love between Roman and Aron.  I really enjoyed Bee Among the Clover but the characters many communication issues were too numerous for me.  Heavy on characterization and lighter on scenic/historical description, Bee Among the Clover is a lovely romance, very entertaining and totally hot!


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