Bedtime for Bonsai by Elaine Fox



ISBN: 9780061474644

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Penelope Porter thinks she wants to get back together with her ex.  It would be comfortable and this time, it might work.  But when Penelopeís puppy escapes and brings Dylan Mersey into her life, her feelings surprise her.  Sheís not usually the kind of person to have an instant, white-hot attraction with someone, especially someone with a dark past, but something about Dylan speaks to her.

Dylan is trying to make a fresh start in life.  Heís in a new town, with a new business and he wants to keep his life clean.  But an old friend asks a favor of him, and he canít say no.  He feels like he canít get away from his past, and when the beautiful and put together Penelope comes into his life, he canít help but think that nothing good can come of it. He wants her, but how can he even think of letting someone so innocent into his not-so-innocent life?

Bedtime for Bonsai is a sweet story with just enough edge and sex to keep it from being sentimental.  The characters are all well-drawn and are the kind of people you want to be friends with.  Penelopeís feelings about her ex and Dylan ring true.  Dylanís past doesnít get whitewashed and his struggle to turn his life around is handled with honesty.  There is a particularly well written dinner party scene told from both Penís and Dylanís perspective that shows the differences in their backgrounds, while still showing how well they work together.  A great book for any romance lover.



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