Bedeviled by Maureen Child

Signet Eclipse


ISBN: 9780451225764

Reviewed by Niki Lee



Maggie Donovan was living a normal life until the day she finds a demon eating her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.  She somehow manages to kill the demon, but her day is not done being strange.  A gorgeous fairy warrior appears in her kitchen and tells her she is destined to grow her latent fairy powers and defeat, Mab, the Queen of Otherworld.

Culhane has been waiting for Maggie for centuries. Mab has been ruling Otherworld with an iron fist and her defeat at Maggie’s hands will set them free.  But he has to talk the stubborn Maggie into it, first.  As much as she infuriates him, he can’t help but be attracted to her spirit. 

Neither one wants to like the other, but they need each other if they are to defeat Mab. 

While overall, I enjoyed Bedeviled, at times I felt like I was reading two different stories: one, a fun, chick-lit style romance and the other, a more serious paranormal romance.  When told in the point of view of Maggie, it was full of silly asides, sarcasm and humorous moments.  When told from Culhane’s perspective, it was more solemn.  I realize that it may have been done that way to kind of highlight those differences in the characters, but it was distracting.  But it was fun watching them struggle to do their duty as they fight the attraction between them.

However, I enjoyed the story, and the subplot involving Maggie’s sister.  I will be looking for the continuation of the story, BEGUILED, coming out in August, 2009. 


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