Beautiful C*cksucker by Barbara Sheridan

Noble Romance Publishing

M/M Contemporary

Reviewed by Ley



The last thing Officer Ray Watts wanted to do was play tour guide and nursemaid to a visiting officer from the Tokyo Police department.  When he makes Inspector Miki Nabeshimaís acquaintance the tables are turned when the inspector shows Officer Ray a part of New York City he never knew existed.  In Mikiís hands Ray learns something about him self he never thought was within him as well as things about Miki he never would have guessed.

Beautiful C*cksucker is quite a story with a rather unusual twist, that had me wondering how liberal the tolerance level of individual expression was with the Tokyo policeman department. Barbara Sheridanís characters were very interesting. Miki was multi dimensional and Ray was not easily fazed, and I really liked the way they interacted with each other. Miki had such insight into Ray and knew how to cajole him into admitting to what he really wanted. Beautiful C*cksucker was a great beginning to Miki and Rayís story and I have strong feeling Ms. Sheridan may have more to tell about this unique couple.


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