Angelís Blood by Stephani Hecht

Archangel Series, Book 5

eXtasy Books

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

ISBN: 978-1-55487-184-1

Reviewed by Shayna



An angel altered with demon blood, Camael is the leader of the empaths and a member of the archangel Order of Four.  His responsibilities are endless, especially since war broke out in Heaven between archangels and justice angels.  To make matters worse, Cam is continually haunted by the memories of what happened to him during his captivity in Hell.  When Michael, leader of the archangels, sends Cam to pick up one of the archangel spies, Cam finds himself in the company of the last angel he ever expected to see.

Amadeaha is the niece of the leader of the justice angels, a male bent on destroying Cam and his family.  Despite her uncleís treachery, Cam has been drawn to Amadeaha for years, longing for her but never believing himself worthy of her.  But things change when itís clear Amadeahaís life is in danger.  Though the pull between Cam and Amadeaha becomes impossible for them to resist, will Amadeaha be able to convince Cam to risk everything for love?

Strength in adversity, faith in love, and happiness in times of sorrow Ė all these themes come into play in this explosive installment of Stephani Hechtís phenomenal Archangel Series.  Angelís Blood is the story fans of the series are sure to have been waiting for, and it is well worth the wait.

When Cam and Amadeaha first met in Angel Warriors, I just knew Ms. Hecht would be giving them a book one day and Iíve been eagerly waiting for the story ever since.  While I counted on them falling in love, what I didnít expect was how much Cam would change along the way.  Camís transformation from being a dorky, smart-mouthed empath to the (still smart-mouthed) strong, fierce, part-incubus leader of the empaths has been a captivating, often heartbreaking journey to watch as the series has progressed.  The biggest obstacle in his relationship with Amadeaha is Cam truly feels that all he has suffered and survived makes him unworthy of her.  What I love about Amadeaha is her refusal to accept the reasons Cam gives that their relationship canít work, that she doesnít give up on him or their love.  She has changed as well over the series, though most notably in Angelís Blood.  In this book Amadeaha comes into her own, finding her own strength and fighting for those she loves.

For those new to the Archangel Series, Ms. Hecht provides enough information for readers to follow along.  However, to feel the full impact of Angelís Blood, itís best to start the series from the beginning with Angel Warriors.  In this story, Ms. Hecht continues to expand the universe of her books, adding twists and turns I didnít expect.  For fans who adore the Lehors, Camís family plays a huge part in the book, particularly Derel.  Angelís Blood ended with more than one cliffhanger, making me incredibly eager for the next book in the series.  Gripping from start to finish with characters I only become more attached to as the series continues, Angelís Blood was pure pleasure to read.


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