Always Look Twice by Geralyn Dawson

Signet Eclipse

Romantic Suspense

ISBN: 0451224884

Reviewer: Melissa



When members of his former unit are murdered Mark Callahan is forced to work with his ex-wife in order to protect her and the remaining members. Mark had divorced Annabelle because he couldnít give her what she needed, a family and his heart. Now as a killer sets Annabelle in his sights, Mark finally has to face his past in order to have a future.

I have to say, when I read the other books of this series which were about Markís brothers, I about died wanting Markís story. But once I started reading it, I was disappointed. It just wasnít as good in the romance department. Yes, Always Look Twice, has the pulse pounding adventure and I love a kick butt heroine and a tortured hero, but Mark is so tied up in his past that even when his past is finally resolved, I didnít see how any woman, and especially one so kick butt as Annabelle, could feel anything but second choice. Readers should definitely pick up the first two books in this series Never Say Never and Give Him the Slip, and I will be impatiently waiting for the final brotherís, John, book. However I have to say that Always Look Twice just left me somewhat unsatisfied.



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