Alliances by Barbara Sheridan and Anne Cain

The Dragon's Disciple, Book 3

Liquid Silver Books

M/M Paranormal

ISBN: 978-1-59578-361-5

Reviewed by Willow



Dao Kan Shu and Kenichi Ohara left San Francisco a year ago after they were presumed dead in a fire. It’s been 100 years since Shu’s beloved Toshiro died in his arms. He believes Ken is Toshiro returned to him. It took Toshiro’s death to make Shu understand love, happiness and passion. Now he treats Ken as the treasured lover that he is. Until someone from Shu’s past enters their lives and makes them both doubt what they have.

Sakurai has been searching for Dao. He has plans for revenge. Dao killed the vampire who made him, Sakurai’s favorite. Sakurai envies Dao what he has with Ken and will do what he can to destroy it. Through manipulation of each one’s doubts, Sakurai is able to drive a wedge between them.

But Sakurai is not the only threat to Ken and Shu.

The witch Jaya has had 125 years to secure her immortality and she is nearing the end of her time. She must raise the Dark One to ensure she lives forever. She will need vampire blood and a sacrifice but the key to all she wants is Meg Silivasi.

Meg is the last in a long line of gypsy women with the power to imprison the Dark One and ensure that he never becomes flesh. And that would be great if Meg knew she has this power. Instead she needs to help of her psychic boyfriend and two unlikely allies—Ken Ohara and Dao Kan Shu. The four of them have to work together to stop Jaya and the demon.

But in the end will this strange alliance be enough to save their love?

Alliances is Book 3 in the Dragon’s Disciple trilogy. And just like the first and second books, I liked it and I didn’t like it. Alliances is still dark so why did I pick it up and read it? Because I just had to know. I was thoroughly intrigued with Book 2 and wanted to see where Ken and Shu are now. I was not disappointed. The characters are still strong and the plotline is full of surprises. I really enjoyed reading the final installment of Ken and Dao’s unique relationship.


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