Wolf Tales V by Kate Douglas
Paranormal, Erotic Romance
ISBN-10: 0-7582-1870-2
ISBN-13: 978-0-7582-1870-4
Reviewed by Jo



This time not just one male from the Chanku pack is sent to find a missing female, but two of them are.  Double the fur, double the fun?

Ulrich Mason is one of the oldest of the pack and lost his mate long ago.  When asked to check out a possible female Chanku at the wolf sanctuary, Ulrich decides to go and see.  All he knows is that she is the new manager of the sanctuary and that her name is Mille; oh, and she is in her fifties.  Millie West has had a tough life, but she is where she is most comfortable.  With her wolves and running the Sanctuary.  That is until Ulrich shows up and opens her world in a way she never imagined.  The attraction quickly turns into love and passion, but Millie has another secret that she is scared will make Ulrich turn away from her.  When the truth comes out, Millie just might end up with much more than just a lifetime with Ulrich.

Baylor Quinn is one of the newer members of the pack.  He loves his pack mates, but wonders if he will ever have what they do.  When Baylor is asked to go and check out a story that just might be a lead to another female Chanku, he leaves quickly.  Just the chance that he might discover not only another Chanku but maybe even his mate has Baylor heading to a small town in the hills.  Manda Smith is positive she is suffering from a curse because of her natural instincts.  She has had to hide from everyone for the majority of her life but that didnít stop people she trusted from abusing her horribly.  Now Baylor and Manda not only have to get her through all the hurts and pain of Mandaís past, but also have to try and see if she can ever be part of a normal relationship and a member of her new pack.  If that isnít enough for one confused young woman, Manda and her new pack mates discover there is more in Mandaís history then anyone could have guessed.

Wolf Tales V at first seemed like two storylines going on at the same time, but I was happy to discover that there was a wonderful reason for the dual focuses.  Baylor and Ulrich have been sent by their pack to search out two women that just might be part of the Chanku.  They agree for reasons of their own and discover just what being a Chanku can truly mean.  Millie and Manda have both lived difficult lives, although in very different circumstances.  However, when they are confronted with the hot and sexy man sent to them, neither Millie nor Manda even think to refuse to follow them.  I absolutely loved that Ms. Douglas brought in the joining of Ulrich and Millie, who will certainly be one of the older matings in the pack, with as much passion and sensitivity as she does with the younger members.  I was also relieved when Baylor used compassion, understanding and even rage when dealing with Manda and what had happened to her.  I will say that some of the sexual encounters might be uncomfortable for some readers, but I was okay as they were part of the stories that were being told.  Wolf Tales V has all the hot passion, compassionate understanding and sexy couples that has come to be expected with the Chanku, and it has an ending that is superb.  If you have been following the story of the Chanku, then Wolf Tales V is not to be missed. 


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