Wolf Tales IV by Kate Douglas
Paranormal, Erotic Romance
ISBN: 0-7582-1869-9
Reviewed by Jo



Martin “Tinker” McClintock is headed on a pack mission to talk to a woman who they have discovered is one of them – a Chanku (wolf shifter).  Tinker is going to miss his pack mates, especially the alpha and his mate, while he is gone, but he is holding on to the hope that maybe this time he will find his mate.  The trip should be interesting; however, it turns out as she is unaware of her heritage and he will be the one to open the door to her new life.

Lisa Quinn has moved to a wolf sanctuary to work as a wolf rescue specialist.  Lisa has always felt left out of the world around her, and for some reason, the wolves she works with make her feel a sense of belonging.  Lisa is surprised when she meets a man on her normal workday who seems to know a lot about her and she has never met him.  Even more surprising to her is that she finds him extremely attractive and instantly wants nothing more then to have him.

Tinker and Lisa break out in flames almost instantly but that is just the beginning of the wondrous things Lisa is about to discover.  While Lisa comes to terms with why the wolves give her a feeling of belonging, Lisa and Tinker work on the mystery of why her wolves are disappearing.  And what about the rest of the pack she is now a member of? Can they accept her?  Danger, lust and sex take Lisa and Tinker into an area of their lives that could last forever. 

Wolf Tales IV is a continuation of the Chanku story.  Tinker knows the love of his pack, but he has been longing for a mate of his own.  Lisa has been an outsider her entire life with the exception of the animals she takes care of.  Tinker and Lisa are a hot and sexy couple who find a way not only to show Lisa what her life can be now but to also solve the mystery of disappearing wolves.  I found Wolf Tales IV to be an extremely hot and erotic book with not only main characters that kept your attention but also the secondary characters that steamed off the pages with them.  You will not need to worry about the heat around you while reading Wolf Tales IV, but just make sure to keep plenty of water around.

It should be noted that the many sexual couplings are not only with opposite sexes but also include same sex and group sexual scenes.


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