Timeless Moon by C.J. Adams and Cathy Clamp
Tales Of The Sazi, Book 6
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0-7653-5665-9
Reviewed by Nannette



Josette Monier is a Sazi bobcat with immense psychic abilities. Josette is a seer and lives alone in the desert where she can find relative peace from her intense visions. Rick Johnson is also a Sazi bobcat. He and Josette used to be married but Rick walked out on her. He wasnít able to handle his empathic abilities and didnít agree with many of the Wolven Councilís ideas. He was searching for something he thought he didnít have with Josette, so itís ironic when Lucas, a powerful member of the Wolven Council, and Charles Wingate, Chief Justice of all of the Sazi, arrive at his door and need his help to save them.  They must find Josette. She is the only Sazi seer left who can use her gift. If they donít find her in five days, all of the Sazi will be destroyed.

Josette and Rick must embark on a very dangerous journey, one that can either save or destroy them all. As they work to save themselves and their loved ones, will the love that still bonds them be strong enough to keep them together this time?

Timeless Moon is another engrossing tale in the Sazi series. Josette is a remarkable woman and Rick is wonderful. I only wish that they had never been separated. It seemed as if nothing should have been able to come between them.  Timeless Moon is packed with action and suspense. Itís a great story filled with fascinating characters.


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