The Night Before The Wedding by Debra Mullins
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-0060799311
Reviewer: Melissa



Catherine Depford is shocked when Gabriel MacBraedon informs her that because of a curse, she is to be his bride. As chief of his clan, Gabriel has always known that once Catherine was found, he had to make her his bride or the clan would suffer. Her mother ran away from marrying a MacBraedon Chieftn and the curse drove her mad. Now Catherine finds herself hearing voices and she is forced to accompany Gabriel to the Highlands. As they travel together, Catherine begins to fall in love with Gabriel, but will he ever view her as more than just his duty?

I love Debra Mullinís historical romances. She has always been a ďmust haveĒ as soon I see her books on the shelf. However, I have to say that I was greatly disappointed with The Night Before The Wedding. The story started out wonderful, a curse, two people who must marry to satisfy the curse and sparks flying around them every time they are together. But from there every thing seemed to fall apart. When Catherine travels to Gabrielís home, the woman that Gabriel wanted to marry, Jean, lives in the family home, and it comes across clearly that he still has strong feelings for her. Gabriel and Jean have scenes together that ruin the story that was begun in the beginning and cause the ending to feel rushed and unformed. By the end of the book, Gabriel went from being a hero that I adored to one that I was very ambivalent about. Readers who are looking for historical romances should definitely pick up Debra Mullins older books. Two Weeks With a Stranger and Three Nights are not to be missed! But truthfully The Night Before The Wedding is not what Iíve come to expect from Debra Mullins and I can only recommend that readers give it a pass.


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