The Mercenary by Cherry Adair
The Men of T-FLAC
Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0373772483
Reviewed by Tanya



Marc Savin is retired, or so he keeps telling himself and other former colleagues.  He is so retired he has put himself in exile and, in a way, a personal mental hell. The fact that he killed the last person he loved was the sign he needed to get out of the business.  But when his former partner Alex tells him he was set up by that former love, he is infuriated.  If that was true then the hell he has put himself through was for naught.  When he refuses to go on a mission with Alex and Alex is killed, Marc further hardens his heart.

Victoria Jones is a self-confessed coward.  But there is one thing she will risk everything for and that is to save her twin.  Victoria knows Alex is still alive, no matter what T-FLAC or the authorities say.  In fact, she even went to the island where he was to have died, and after she is captured and tortured, she is certain he is alive.  Now she will go to the one man Alex always told her was the best.  No matter how scary she personally finds him.

When Victoria shows up at Marc’s house, he is surprised and not too amused.  Especially at her insistence that Alex is alive.  Since he sent Alex on the mission alone, he feels compelled to get him out.  But he is also more than a little attracted to Victoria and her prim and proper ways, though they are so far from his norm it is stunning.

Hot Mediterranean nights, stressful situations, and physiques to die for will lead the reader into one spicy story.

The Mercenary – the one that started it all, in reprint, finally.  If you love the men to T-FLAC created by Cherry Adair but, like me, missed this first story, then run to get this one.  While I feel that her characters have grown stronger, as has her writing, during the subsequent novels, this one is still a keeper.  I loved how prim and proper Victoria talks to herself and wants to do all that is correct and be in the background, but has a backbone of steel that some might miss.  And Marc…what can you say about a secret operative with long black hair, an earring and a physique to die for, other than send me one now?  Want to see how it all started? Then you need to find a copy of The Mercenary soon!


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