The Gathering by Jennifer Ashley
Immortals series, Book 4
Love Spell
Urban Fantasy\Paranormal Romance
ISBN: (13): 978-0-505-52688-3; (10): 0-505-52688-3
Reviewed by Sabella



Hunter was known as the crazy one of the immortal brothers – but that’s just the way Hunter has learned to cope with the loneliness of living forever.  However, this time things are not working as usual: the world is going to hell in a hand basket, someone tried to summon the immortal brothers together and demons are slowly taking over the world with their death magic.  And to make matters more interesting, after hundreds of years, Hunter has finally come across a woman he can’t walk away from.

Leda is an Air witch who is hiding on a small island off the California coast so she is almost completely unaware of the state of chaos of the world.  When Hunter lands quite literally and unexpectedly on her island, Leda discovers she isn’t as removed from the world as she thought.

As Leda and Hunter are plunged into the battle to save the world from demons, they must concentrate on solving the riddles presented by the goddesses about saving the world.

The Gathering is an action-packed paranormal romance that fails to deliver on most fronts and ends with an anti-climactic plop rather than an explosion.  Hunter is a care-free lover-boy who refuses to grow up so he can avoid facing the pain caused by the loss of loved ones over the centuries.  Leda is a powerful witch who has chosen to hide herself to avoid confronting the consequences of her actions.  As soon as these two meet, they jump into bed and the relationship seems to “grow and become deeper” during the times that are skipped over in the narrative.  Overall, The Gathering was a lack-luster read as the conclusion of the Immortals saga. The characters lacked depth and were unbelievable and boring.  The plot of The Gathering is not very original or engaging, which combined with one dimensional characters and predictable plot points make for a book that is best missed.  Give The Gathering a pass unless you just have to find out how the crisis built in the previous books in the series is resolved.


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