The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty by Donna Kaufman
The Unholy Trinity, Book 2
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0758217271
Reviewed by Nannette



Raphael Santiago has been watching Elena Caulfield since she started working at Dalton Downs as stable manager and head horse trainer. Elena is not like the sophisticated and glamorous women Rafe is usually attracted to, so his fascination with her surprises him. Rafeís instincts tell him there is more to Elena than meets the eye and his instincts are seldom wrong, so to get close to her he asks Elena to give him riding lessons. Elena is concerned by the interest Rafe is showing in her. She has a secret she needs to keep hidden and she has to protect her horse at all costs. Rafeís tenacity proves his instincts are once again correct. Elena is in trouble. If he can gain her trust, he might be able to help her but  Elena is wary. Can she trust her life and her heart to Rafe?

The chemistry between Rafe and Elena in The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty is strong. They are very much opposites but thatís what makes their desire for each other all the more genuine and romantic.  The Unholy Trinity that Rafe is part of with his two close friends is only vaguely explained. I assume that it is fully explained in The Black Sheep and the Princess, book one of this series. While learning a bit about horses, Rafe seduced his way into my heart in The Black Sheep and the Hidden Beauty. Itís a romantic, sexy and suspenseful story.


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