Solar Heat by Susan Kearney
Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0765358448
Reviewed by Nannette



Azsla and her crew are traveling from her home on Rama to Zor. Azslaís parents were killed when slaves cast a rebellion and escaped to Zor. Azsla is working undercover, pretending to be a slave in order to get to Zor and discover if they might be preparing to attack Rama. Several malfunctions on the ship cause them to abort and eject into space in their sleep pods. Azsla prays they will survive and be rescued.

Derrek Archer is a wealthy mining entrepreneur. He mines and delivers the life-building salt people need to become strong and healthy. Firsts- those born to privilege on Rama- are stronger, taller and healthier than slaves because they have access to salt. On his way to a meeting in Zor, Derrek is asked to pick up the pods and investigate what happened to those who may have survived.

The concept of slaves being equals is foreign to Azsla but Derrek believes they should all be equals.  Derrek and Azsla are attracted to each other and Derrekís attraction is nearly overwhelming, but Azsla is a spy. Can these two born enemies find a future together?

Solar Heat is an interesting story. Although it takes place in a different time and place, the similarities to modern prejudices are obvious. Itís a unique way to look at an age-old dilemma. Solar Heatís outer space planets and terminology are entertaining and the romance is strong. Itís a good story.


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