Slow Burn by Brenda Jackson
St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0312940492
Reviewed by Nannette



Skye Barclay recently discovered she was adopted and she has a sixteen-year-old brother named Vincent living in Texas.  She arrives at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Justin Madaris, Vincent’s adoptive parents, hoping to meet him, and the door is answered by Slade Madaris. The attraction between them is immediate and intense but Skye just wants to get to know her brother, if he’s willing to get to know her.

Skye’s parents and her ex-fiancée Wayne Bigelow are very opposed to Skye finding out about her biological family. If Wayne doesn’t stop her, he risks losing more than Skye as his wife. His future is at stake and he can’t let anyone get his way.

Slow Burn is a romantic and sensual story with a bit of suspense. The Madaris family is a close-knit, loving group of people.  Slade is sexy and Skye is very sweet. Slow Burn is a nice story filled with many wonderful characters.


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