Shaken and Stirred by Kathleen O’Reilly
Those Sexy O’Sullivans, Book 1
Harlequin Blaze
Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-0373793860
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Tessa Hart has a plan.  Just a few more months of saving and scrimping and she will finally be able to achieve her dream of living on her own without a roommate in the apartment complex she has fallen in love with.  A bartender for Gabe O’Sullivan, Tessa enjoys her work and her friendship with the three O’Sullivan brothers.  Gabe is the one who holds her interest and while she secretly craves his touch, nothing or no one is going to stand in her way of getting that apartment.

Gabriel Cormac Silas O’Sullivan is the owner of Prime, a Manhattan bar that has been in his family for close to eighty years.  He loves bartending and he loves the people.  Helping them is his pleasure and when his best bartender needs a temporary place to stay, he can’t help but offer his extra room to her.  Much to his dismay, Tessa turns him down flat, but with a bit of pressure and teasing, he is able to get her to agree. Gabe has been attracted to Tessa for years and it is only a matter of time before he succumbs to her charms.  In fact, there is a betting pool on it saying the exact same thing. 

In Shaken and Stirred, Gabe O’Sullivan was a knight in shining armor, Manhattan style. He was good looking, charming, and seriously attracted to Tessa.  His mannerisms were cute and in my opinion, very good boyfriend and possibly husband material.  These reasons are why I did not care for Tessa’s character at all.  She was materialistic, she often hurt Gabe’s feelings, and quite frankly, I wanted him to find someone else.  Every time Gabe would get the vibes that Tessa gave off, she would lead him on a bit more and more than once I just wanted to shake her.  Did she love him? I believe she did. Was she scared to death to depend on him? Yes she was.  Would this have influenced her behavior and how she handled Gabe? Definitely.  With that said, I found myself understanding Tessa a bit better, grudgingly, but I can’t lie.  By the book’s end, I felt better that my man Gabe would be loved like he needed. 

Kathleen O’Reilly has written the first of a trilogy of books set around these enigmatic O’Sullivan brothers. The next book, Sex, Straight Up, features Daniel O’Sullivan and I am happy to find that it releases in April so the wait won’t be very long.  As for Shaken and Stirred, the sex was over the top hot and very sensuous. I just wish I could have adored Tessa as much as Gabe. 


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