Shadows on the Soul by Jenna Black
Guardians of the Night, Book 3
Tor Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-0-7653-5717-5
Reviewed by Indy



Planted by her creator in the home of his father, Jezebel knows the time will come when Gabriel will reappear. Gabriel, a born vampire feared by even the toughest of Guardians, is filled with rage at his father and isnít above using his fledgling to kill him once and for all. Gabriel isnít prepared for how Jezebel causes cracks in his rage and softens the coldness heís held on to for hundreds of years. Connected in ways neither are unprepared for, Jezebel and Gabriel discover a weakness will become their greatest strength when an enemy from his past comes haunting.

Philadelphia is where a family reunion will bring death, betrayals and an upcoming battle that even the toughest of Guardians may not be prepared for when the oldest of vampires converge upon the city with revenge and death in mind.

In a book that is overflowing with exhilaration, vampire family drama and layers of lies and secrets, Shadows on the Soul is a perfect addition to this series about a group of vampire guardians who use their powers to protect humans against the vamps that would harm them. Having read the predecessor to this tale Iím surprised and impressed how Jenna Black turned someone I basically hated into someone I could empathize with. A lot of people have hidden scars, and while some of us choose to bury them, some find other outlets for their grief. Gabriel isnít the sweetest of heroes, but considering Jezebel and he came from similar backgrounds overflowing with pain and disappointment, these two made a perfect couple.  I found the rare connection between Gabriel and Jezebel to be fascinating to say the least, because it made Gabriel honest at times when I think he could have easily lost control of his barely controlled rage.

Jenna Black has perfected the art form of adding just the right edge of violence to an intricate plot that makes me wonder what else will happen to this group of guardians who are one wrong deed away from being killers themselves. I look forward to seeing this series continue because there is an older vampire group in the picture now that Iím sure will create more bloodshed in a city that continues to be a war ground for good against evil.


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