Seduction Is Forever by Jenna Petersen
Lady Spies, Book 3
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0061138096
Reviewed by Nannette



Emily Redgrave is a spy. She was shot six months ago but feels she has recovered enough to go back to work. Her boss, Charles Isley, and her friends and fellow spies, Meredith Archer and Anastasia Tyler, disagree. Charlie eventually and reluctantly assigns her to a case protecting Grant Ashbury though.

Unbeknownst to Emily, Grant is also a spy and has been assigned to protect her from unknown dangers.  Emily and Grant are unaware that they are watching each other until the truth behind their assignments is revealed and they find themselves teaming up against something even bigger. The attraction that has been simmering between them rolls to a boil but even if they agree to be lovers as well as partners, they refuse to share their hearts.

Seduction Is Forever is a moving story full of excitement and intrigue. Emily and Grant are perfect for each other. They are very compatible and the chemistry between them is strong. Emilyís feelings are very well expressed. Her vulnerability as well as her strength is easy to see. Although he tries not to, Grant wears his heart on his sleeve. Itís very endearing and sexy.  This final story in Jenna Petersenís Lady Spies series is just as wonderful as the first two. Seduction Is Forever is my favorite. It is a story rich in romance, sensuality and mystery.


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