Savor Me Slowly by Gena Showalter
Alien Huntress series, Book 3
Pocket Star
Sci-Fi/Futuristic Romance
ISBN: (13) 978-1-4165-3163-0; (10) 1-4165-3163-7
Reviewed by Sabella



Mishka Le’Ace is more and less than she seems.  Mishka is part human, part machine, part alien and part animal, which has relegated her throughout her life as a freak experiment with the same value as a dangerous pet.  Mishka was created and raised in a lab by scientists whose only goal was the creation of a perfect soldier, and even though Mishka has never been given the opportunity to experience the softer side of life, she yearns to experience love.  When Mishka is sent to rescue Alien Investigation and Removal agent Jaxon Tremain, she is ordered to use all means necessary to obtain the information he has regarding a new alien threat.  However, as Mishka spends time with Jaxon, she discovers that he evokes in her feelings she never thought she would have…

Jaxon Tremain is a man of cold control, a necessity since he has learned that his careless remarks or thoughtless actions can have disastrous results.  When he meets Mishka, he has to admit that she might be strong enough to take his sarcasm and biting wit in stride – but she might not survive loving him.  Now Jaxon must work to eliminate the aliens who threaten the survival of humans and, at the same time, fight those who control Mishka in order to gain her for himself.

But as the race to counter the alien threat heats up, Mishka may be forced to do things that will pit her desire to survive against her love for Jaxon.  Which will she choose and will she be able to live with her choice?

Savor Me Slowly is wonderful addition to the Alien Huntress series that will have you, by turns, on the edge of your seat from the suspense or panting for breath as a result of Jaxon and Mishka’s hot, hot, hot sexual exploits.  Gena Showalter did an amazing job of building a world so enthralling that it will completely capture your imagination and will have you glued to your seat turning the pages.  Jaxon, at first glance, seems like a cold and calculating Alpha male; however, as we get to know him better, Jaxon reveals himself to be a fiery lover and an unflinchingly loyal man.  Mishka will capture your heart with her battle to be more than she was created to be and become a woman worthy of love – all the while fighting the man who controls her and the negative expectations of the people around her.  Mishka and Jaxon make the perfect pair in this action-packed romance each with their vulnerabilities to overcome while keeping the pace of the action and delivering an ending that will leave your romantic heart well satisfied!  Get yourself Savor Me Slowly – it’s a wonderful book, perfect for escaping reality  as it creates a world so far removed from our own that you will be engrossed in the book from start to finish!


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