Return of the Rogue by Donna Fletcher
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0-06-137543-9
Reviewed by Nannette



When Honora Tannach was a child Cavan Sinclare saved her from fall that more than likely would have killed her. Twelve years later, Honora is about to wed Cavanís brother Artair. Honora was offered to Cavan by her cruel and abusive step father Calum Tannach, but Cavan refused her.

Cavan and his brother Ronan were captured in battle by barbarians but only Cavan managed to escape. On Honora and Artairís wedding day, Cavan returns home and because he is the next in line to become laird, he becomes Honoraís husband.  Cavan does not want a wife. He is tortured by his brotherís absence and focuses all of his energy on finding him rather than getting to know his wife.  Honora wants desperately for Cavan to honor his vows to her. As Cavan and Honora begin to embrace their marriage a plot surrounds the Sinclare clan, one that threatens Honora and their family.

Cavan is a tortured hero in Return of the Rogue. He is an honorable man and a fierce warrior. I was anxious for him to let his guard down with Honora. Honora is outwardly meek and submissive but underneath she is a woman with strength and passion. They make a beautiful couple. Donna Fletcherís Return of the Rogue is a wonderful romance filled with sensuality and suspense.


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