Primal Desires by Susan Sizemore
Primes, Book 6
Pocket Star
ISBN (10) 1-4165-1336-1 (13) 978-1-4165-1336-0
Reviewed by Amelia



Jason Cage performs as the beast master in Las Vegas. Heís wildly popular and very talented. What most people donít know, though, is that Jason is Prime of his vampire family. During World War II he used his telepathic abilities to help the Hunyara family tame a pack of feral wolves. Now, in the present time, the Hunyaras are back, asking for his help in a similar situation

Sofia Hunyara is afraid of dogs. She knows nothing about her abilities as a wolf tamer until she meets Jason. Sofiaís cousin, Cathy, is missing, and the Hunyaras have asked Jason for help in finding her. When Jason and Sofia meet, the attraction is instant. Jason knows that Sofia is destined to be his bond mate, but sheís not so sure.

The two enlist the help of werewolves and vampires alike to find Cathy and thwart the plans of the werewolves that hold her captive.

Primal Desires is my first Susan Sizemore novel, and it wonít be my last. The novel is lush and very rich in detail, with characters that walk alongside you as you read. I loved Sofia and Jason. The interaction between the two of them pulls at your heartstrings.

The world of vampires and werewolves that Ms. Sizemore has created is fascinating. I canít wait to find the other books in the series so I can see how things built up to Primal Desires. I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in the Primes series to see how things progress.


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