Moving Target by Cheyenne McCray
St. Martinís Press
Romantic Suspense
ISBN-10: 0312937644
ISBN-13: 978-0312937645
Reviewed by Jo



Ani King has spent the last two years hiding from her old life under The Witness Security Program.  She is within days of testifying when a needy family has her taking a risk and making a phone call.  Now Ani is on the run again but this time towards her old life.  At least this time she has her marshal with her.  Now if she can just forget about the needs that come up every time Ani looks or thinks about him.

Daniel Parker is the deputy marshal assigned to Ani when she was first put into the program.  During one of his normal calls, Daniel discovers what Ani has done and knows that she is in danger again.  Ani has been more than just an assigned job to Daniel for quite awhile now. 

Daniel and Ani have to get across the country in time for her court hearing while preventing the Russian mafia from finding them.  Even with danger and death coming at them from every angle, Daniel and Ani canít prevent their feelings from taking over even knowing itís breaking the rules.  Protection is Danielís job and keeping Ani safe is all Daniel can worry about for now.  The mafia is getting desperate.  Will Daniel and the US Marshals be enough to get Ani to court on time?

Moving Target takes readers into the secrecy of The Witness Security Program both before and after the court hearing.  Ani saw her family murdered and is the governmentís eyewitness.  Daniel was assigned to keep Ani safe and grounded while she waited to testify.  They both felt attraction when they first met and the phone calls just fed it.  I could feel Aniís terror of what was happening around her and Danielís need to keep her safe.  When Daniel and Ani let that attraction go, their passion was flaming.  Moving Target has a combination of danger that keeps you on the edge, hot passion and heady suspense of not only will they make it but what will happen to Daniel and Ani afterwards.  Ms. McCray has delivered suspense for readers who like to have some danger and adventure with their romance.


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