Mona Lisa Craving by Sunny
Monére, Children of the Moon series, Book 3
Berkley Trade
Erotic Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
ISBN: (13) 978-0-42521-745-0; (10) 0-42521-745-0
Reviewed by Sabella



Mona Lisa has always been different – first among humans and now among the Monère through an accident of birth.  Right now, Mona Lisa has to find a way to successfully hide the unexpected side effects of killing Mona Louisa—demon-like cravings for blood—or the High Lord of Hell will order her death…Add to that, having to juggle all the men in her life and step gingerly around their feelings and Mona Lisa has her plate full.  However, since it seems that Mona Lisa might be finally achieving a happy balance in her life, fate throws a wrench in her plans. Mona Lisa is kidnapped to help save a warrior, Dante, who murdered her in a previous life  Life becomes even more complicated when Dante and his family join Mona Lisa’s household and she has to fight the conflicting instincts of running away from Dante and wanting him in her bed.  All this along with becoming mated to Halcyon, the High Prince of Hell, and Mona Lisa has enough going on in her life even without all the attendant politics of being a Monère Queen.

Mona Lisa Craving is an awesome book that will blow your socks, starting from the very first page.  Sunny has done a masterful job in this third book of the Children of the Moon series. It will engross you and capture your imagination so completely that it will make you a die-hard fan of Sunny herself and of this series in particular.  Mona Lisa is a flawed woman who is constantly struggling to stay on top of all the nuances of the Monère culture without losing the common sense that growing up among humans has given her.  It is interesting to experience the emotional dance that Mona Lisa is involved in with Dante, who is the main love interest in this installment of the series.  Dante is a tortured hero by any measurable means.  This quality will make him endearing and hateful at the same time since it pits him against Mona Lisa while needing her to break the curse that tortures him.  I must admit that I loved this book so much that halfway through the third chapter I immediately ordered the previous books in the series, which I haven’t read.  Mona Lisa Craving is fantastic book that will snare you and leave you eagerly waiting for the next book in the series.  Do get yourself Mona Lisa Craving as its an action-packed book that is guaranteed to make you a fan of Sunny and the Children of the Moon series!


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