Hot Like Fire by Niobia Bryant
The Strong Family, Book 2
Multicultural Romance
ISBN-10: 0758214618; ISBN-13: 978-0758214614
Reviewed by Indy


After the death of his wife, Kade Strong has spent the last few years mourning his loss and just focusing on his work and daughter. Deciding itís time to move back into the family home he shared with his deceased wife, Kade finds himself in need of a sitter and his brotherís luscious housekeeper fit the bill. Already a part of his family and loved by his daughter, Garcelle Santos is a fiery spirit who reminds him how to smile. Garcelle understands Kade isnít ready to move past his loss so she will have to not only watch out for his little girl but also keep the man-hunting vultures away from her new boss and friend.

The heat in Holtsville turns up as the single women in town come out the woodworks at the chance to catch the eldest Strong sibling. Garcelle will soon find herself under his magic spell as too much friendship and time spent as a family lead to emotions neither are sure theyíre ready for.

In a series based around a well-respected and loving family, the story of Kade begins with a somber note with Kade still suffering from his loss and unable to see the possibilities of a future. Hot Like Fire brings a little Latin flavor and fire to a relationship built on friendship, trust and eventually love. Garcelle is the essence of fun, a woman with a great personality, a nurturing spirit and a volcanic passion for the man she wants. Niobia Bryant created a beautiful story that was sensual but still sweet. The slow building of this relationship allowed me as a reader to see that past the lust a true connection was brewing. The backdrop of family added additional depth to this romance and the multiple side plots made an already interesting story even better. I have to give Ms. Bryant additional kudos for the personality of Kadina, Kadeís daughter, who was the reason for more than a few laughs and someone Iím sure readers will fall in love with.


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