His Captive by Diana Cosby
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-1420101089
Reviewed by Nannette



Sir Alexander MacGruder and his brothers planned to kidnap Baron Griffin Monceaux, but when Griffin is nowhere to be found, Alexander takes Griffon’s sister, Lady Nichola Westcott instead.  The ransom they will demand for Nichola’s return will pay rebels who will aid in the war the Scots plan to wage against the English.

The journey to Alexander’s home creates an intimacy between Alexander and Nichola.  They are enemies and therefore there is no future for them though. Once back at Lochshire Castle, Alexander faces more than just his forbidden attraction to Nichola. He and his brothers are going to war against the English and thoughts of a relationship with his English captive are futile. But can they continue to deny their desires?

From the moment they meet, Alexander is both Nichola’s captor and her knight in shining armor. Alexander is an honorable and good man. Although I understood and sympathized with Nichola, the way she constantly pushed Alexander away then pulled him back again became tiring.  His Captive is a good story though. It’s interesting, sensual and full of emotion. I hope Alexander’s brothers will have their stories told as well.


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