Highland Wolf by Hannah Howell
Sensual Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0821780008
Reviewed by Nannette



Sir James Drummond has been in hiding for the last three years but he has returned to Dunncraig under the guise of a workman. James’ wife Mary was killed and he was accused of her murder. Donnell MacKay is the real killer.  James intends to dig out the truth and make Donnell pay for his crimes, then re-claim his position as laird so he can get his young daughter Meggie back.

Donnell has his cousin Annora come to the keep and watch over Meggie. Although Annora has her doubts about whether or not he is really the girl’s father, she stays to protect her. Donnell is a cruel man. She herself has been the victim of his brutality on more than one occasion.  

Annora and James meet and soon become partners in passion and for James’ quest. With Annora’s help, James is discovering how deep the lies and treachery were. Just when he thinks he can get Annora and Meggie to safety, Donnell threatens to destroy his future in the same way he did his past.

I love historical Scottish romances and Hannah Howell is one of my favorite authors of the genre. Highland Wolf is full of action, drama and deep sensuality. There are evil villains and a strong romance as well. Highland Wolf is a very good historical novel. Right down to the sexy highlanders’ delightful Scottish burrs!


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