Head On by Colleen Thompson
Romantic Suspense
ISBN-10: 0505527138
ISBN-13: 978-0505527134
Reviewed by Emma



Beth Ann Decker is a hospice nurse in Eudena, Texas. For sixteen years she has strived to overcome the title of “Poor Beth Ann”. A title given to her after a gruesome accident that left her severely injured and three of her friends dead.  She was made stronger and learned to live with the past hanging over her head.  Now her future, thanks to a murder, has been thrown into a state of utter upheaval.

Mark Jessup is the black sheep of Eudena, Texas. His own father has not spoken to him in the sixteen years since the fatal car accident. He has come home to attempt to make peace with the only family he has left in Eduena, his father. He has made peace with himself and grown into a stronger human being.  It does not, however, make it easy for him to go home again.

In a town as small as Eudena, memories survive longer than people do. Memories of football victories and life altering accidents survive the longest.  Can Beth Ann and Mark survive small town gossips, their own memories, intruders and murder? Can they move forward to the future?

The first chapter of Head On draws the reader into a tale of heartache, intrigue and the “joys” of small town life.  It develops into a tale of forgiveness, acceptance and personal responsibility. Head On looks at the result of what effect an accident can have on the victims and their families even sixteen years later. Colleen Thompson gives you all the clues you need to figure out what is going on, then throws you with a climax that you just don’t see until it hits you. 


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