Eros Island by Lucinda Betts,
Dawn Thompson and Devyn Quinn
Mythology/Contemporary Paranormal Anthology
ISBN: 0-7582-2214-9
Reviewed by Sabella



“Centaur Heart” by Lucinda Betts

Princess Akantha is ready for The Mother Rite and has already chosen her champion – Lycurgus, the Lapith King.  However, Chiron, the Centaur King, keeps showing up and insisting that Akantha is making a mistake and must allow Chiron to be her champion.  But as Lycurgus shows his true colors, deities being meddling, and Akantha receives advice from all sorts of sources, who is she to trust?  Chiron, whose attraction she fears? Lycurgus, who seeks to destroy the Centaurs? The Mother Goddess, who is mysterious in her design?

“Centaur Heart” is full of surprises, and deft twists in the plot will keep you guessing how the happy ending will be delivered.  Akantha is a strong woman who is not afraid to reach out and grab what she desires – even if it requires a battle.  Chiron is an Alpha male through and through who is not diminished for being the consort to a strong woman who knows her mind.  All in all, “Centaur Heart” is a fun and entertaining tale about love set in a mythical time.


“The Dream Well” by Dawn Thompson

Gar Trivelyan is a knight who has found himself in the astral world of the Celtic Otherworld without knowledge of how he got there, and more importantly, how to get out.  The Goddess of the Well, Analee, heals his wounds and offers him something he can’t resist – one night of passion with her…

“The Dream Well” is a complex tale of passion, love, hate and trickery.  As Analee weaves a sensual spell over Gar, he must fight to remain sane and escape her clutches, but in the meantime, Gar must also survive the hatred of Analee’s consort.  Gar is a curious character that blends the blindness of lust with the wisdom to try and escape Analee.  “The Dream Well” is a suspenseful tale with characters ranging from the pure of heart to the black hearted, creating stark contrasts.


“Thunderstruck” by Devyn Quinn

Danicia Ryan is a renowned marble sculptor and her latest masterpiece is beyond compare.  However, Danicia’s life hasn’t fared so well – her husband left her, she tried to commit suicide and now she is all alone.  When her sculpture of Herakles comes to life, Danicia has to wonder if she is losing touch with reality…

“Thunderstruck” is tale that explores the sexual needs of a successful woman and her adventures with the mythological god Herakles.  Danicia is not a very attractive character as she has too much disdain for herself as a woman and only changes her outlook upon Herakles’ regard.  Still, Danicia and Herakles get up to all sorts of raunchy fun that will entertain you as it heats you up!


Eros Island is an intriguing collection of tales that take a myth in one form or another and bring it to life.  However, it must be noted that while all authors bring unique mythical aspects to the anthology, all three stories are more about lust and sexual satisfaction than romance.  Also, the overuse of euphemisms for body parts and physical sensations during sex coupled with extensive and wordy descriptions made reading tedious and repetitive at times.  Taken all together, Eros Island is a hot collection of stories that will distract you from everyday life.


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