Don’t Tempt Me by Sylvia Day
Kensington Brava
Historical Romantic Suspense
ISBN: 978-0758217639
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Simon Quinn has one last mission before he can walk away free forever.  He must deliver Lysette Rousseau to a contact in Paris, France in exchange for his men who have been imprisoned.  Lysette is a beautiful woman and while that usually sways Simon’s head, he feels nothing for this beauty.  That is, until he happens to see her at a risqué party dressed for seduction and smiling.  Unsure of why he suddenly must have this woman, Simon acts on instincts honed while growing up in Ireland.  When he finally realizes why this woman seems to have two sides to her, Simon is at once amazed and very intrigued, because not only is the woman he wants in danger, but her family as well.

Lynette Baillon has heard about Simon Quinn.  Lethally charming and completely irresistible, his prowess with women is the subject of gossip mongers in drawing rooms throughout society.  When her eyes meet his at a party and he immediately smiles, Lynette’s innocent heart is lost immediately.  The fact that he seems to know her and almost hold her in contempt unnerves her.  Unsure of his future plans where she is concerned, Lynette throws caution to the wind and takes what he is offering.  When he tells her something so unbelievable, Lynette wants to scream with the audacity of it but deep in her soul she trusts this man she has come to love. 

All is not as it seems in Lynette’s household.  From her father who has pretty much ignored her presence his entire life to her mother who has her own secrets, Lynette just wants the truth.  She finds it in Simon Quinn and never looks back.

Can you say compelling? Don’t Tempt Me is chock full of secrets and hidden players who all are working for a secretive cause during this turbulent time in French and British history.  Simon wanted out of the espionage business and actually thought his spying days were over, only to learn that he had one more mission  to finish.  And finish it he did.  His heart and soul was given to Lynette and he treasured her above all else and wanted her safe.  Lynette’s unwavering loyalty to Simon made her family nuts but she stuck to her guns and wouldn’t let anyone tell her any differently.  Add in a surprise twist at the end of Don’t Tempt Me that I did not see coming, and I can clearly say that Sylvia Day has a winner on her hands!  Whether her novels take place in paranormal worlds or the drawing rooms of Georgian society, Sylvia Day never fails to deliver on a novel that I can’t put down until I have read the very last word.


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