Cutting Loose by Tara Janzen
Steele Street, Book 8
ISBN: 0440243858, 978-0440243854
Reviewed by Cassie



Albuquerque schoolteacher Lily Robbins has spent the past few weeks trying to relax after the fiasco her trip to El Salvador turned out to be. She’s also trying to shake her inappropriate attraction to Alejandro Campos, a notorious Central American drug lord.  She’s about to head to her father’s ranch when all hell breaks loose.  Suddenly she’s on the run with valuable information and the only man she can trust is Campos.

For eight years, CIA operative Zachary Prade has been living in Central America as Alejandro Campos.  Now he’s been abruptly pulled out of his deep cover, and all because of a woman who turned up at his plantation one night, needing his help.  He never thought he’d see Lily Robbins again, no matter how much he thought of her, but it seems he’s about to have to pull her out of danger once more.  With an assortment of international baddies on their trail, can Zach save the girl, complete his mission for the CIA, and keep his heart intact?

Having recently read On the Loose, the seventh Steele Street book, I was really excited to read Cutting Loose.  Fortunately, I wasn’t disappointed.  Cutting Loose features plenty of action, a hero to die for, an awesome getaway car, and a lot of fun and interesting secondary characters.  Whether as Alejandro Campos or as Zachary Prade, Zach is a great hero.  His sad, difficult, and wild past makes him sympathetic.  He’s tough, ruthless when necessary, yet unexpectedly sweet and tender at times.  Lily’s toughness, shooting skills, and willingness to do what she has to in order to survive makes her a good match for Zach.  There are several chapters from the points of view of one of the villains chasing them and a couple of the Steele Street team members helping them, but these chapters do not detract from the main story, which is quick and suspenseful.  Zach and Lily’s love is forged and tested under extreme circumstances, and I enjoyed every minute of the ride.  If you like action, suspense, secret agents, and tortured heroes, you’ll want to pick up Cutting Loose ASAP!


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