Between The Sheets by Robin Wells
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 978-0446618410
Reviewed by Nannette



Emma Jamison is the temporary butler preparing for President-Elect Fergusonís weekend stay at her clientís mansion.  While Ferguson is occupied by a call girl upstairs, the Secret Service try to distract Emma.  But something goes wrong and Emma finds herself being hastily run out of the house and straight into the paparazziís flashing cameras.

The President-Elect has a heart attack and Emma is accused of being in bed with him when it happened. Her life has been destroyed by tabloids and lies so she moves to Chartreuse, Louisiana to start over working in the retirement home her grandmother lives in. She canít get away from the spotlight though.

Max Duvall is intrigued and attracted to Emma but heís running for District Attorney and canít afford any negative press.  Unfortunately he canít stay away from her. The more he gets to know her, the more he likes her, and heís starting to wonder if maybe sheís telling the truth when she says she didnít do it.  Proving her innocence isnít going to be easy but Max decides that if he wants any kind of a future with her, he has to help her, even if it means losing his campaign.

Between The Sheets is sexy, funny and romantic.  The folks in the retirement home are very sweet. My heart went out to them as they struggled with dementia. Max is sexy and Emma is sweet. They are good together right from the start. Things seemed to go from bad to worse for Emma, but because of Max, they get better and better!  


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