Any Way You Want It by Kathy Love
Erotic Paranormal Romance
ISBN 978-0-7582-1856-8
Reviewed by Nannette



Maggie Gallagher is on vacation in New Orleans with her friends Erika and Jo.  Of the many sights and sounds surrounding her, one in particular has caught Maggie’s interest. In a small shabby bar a musician is playing a song he shouldn’t know, unless he was the composer, which is impossible because the composer has been dead for hundreds of years.  Maggie knows because she is a music authenticator.

The piece Ren Anthony was playing has only been played once in public, at his father’s birthday gala hundred’s of years ago. Ren is a vampire or more specifically a lampir. Instead of needing blood to survive Ren needs energy.  Ren is very attracted to Maggie but being who he is and believing he has a curse upon him, he cannot give in to his feelings for her. So one night is all he allows himself.

Maggie is not a one night stand kind of girl but she wants Ren and is willing to take what she can get. What was supposed to be one night turns into more but Ren is determined to keep Maggie at a distance. He knows he has to end things but he’s having a surprisingly hard time letting her go.

Kathy Love has writtena wonderful story veiled in sensuality and romance. Ren is extremely sexy and charming, Maggie is a sweet siren, and their love affair is intense and passionate. There was a moment at the end when I thought Ren might break my heart, but he makes up for it!  Any Way You Want It is a tender, sexy and fun story.


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